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Medical tags


Medical tags - If you are involved in an accident you may not be able to communicate to the medical services.

- How will they know your medical history ? -

Especially as most patients are transported to the hospital, alone, without relatives or friends to discuss possible life saving medical history.

By wearing your medical information near your main pulse points, your neck or wrist, the item is more likely to be noticed by medical staff. In these vital few minutes this is often the only way of conveying your vital drug allergy or medical condition that the medics need to treat you.

Accident & Emergency Medical staff, St. Johns Ambulance and The Red Cross, amongst others, are increasingly being trained to look for these medical tags, bracelets and watches etc.

We Supply a range of tags, sometimes known as identification tags, medical alert jewelry, drug allergy tags, emergency tags and lifesaving jewellery tags.
All the tags can be enamelled in different colours. The colours shown in other pages are our standard range.
All are provided with a quality continuous chain and presentation box.

- How to order -
Tags can be ordered in three ways
- by phoning 0121 233 7455. We will take your order and payment details and process them accordingly. Please remember that it is your responsibility to provide us with the information you want engraved. A medical professional(your own doctor or consultant) may help with this.
- by clicking on the "Add" button near to the item. You will be forwarded to our shopping cart. This will show what you are about to order. To continue with the order press the Go to checkout button. You will then be asked for your address and credit card payment details. In the information box at the bottom of the page please input your engraving details.
You can click here to see an example of the area where you type in the engraving. Finally you will be asked to confirm the order. You will be emailed to confirm that we have received your order.
Your tag will arrive approximately 2 to 4 days later. Please ensure that you check that you are happy with the details that you have asked us to engrave. If you are unsure about anything, you can email or phone us. We will then discuss your requirements.
- If you wish to pay by a UK only cheque, please write or phone with all relevant information.

Medical tag - tailor made
If you want your own medical tag to be made in a colour of your choice, please purchase the tag at the base of the page that says "Tailor made tag". We will then contact you to ascertain the colour that you would like.

We offer FREE engraving of up to 6 lines of details.

Typical Examples are shown below.

Name - Your own name

Date of Birth - Your date of birth dd/mm/yyyy(often used by medical establishments to assertain your identity)

Contact No. - This is a phone number that you would like to be called if you are taken ill, usually a relative or friend. If you wish to add the international dialing code for the UK (+44) case you are taken ill abroad, please state this in the order form.

Doctors No. - This is your doctors general surgery phone number. If the number is called out of hours a recorded message gives an emergency number to call for your health records. If however, you have been given a specific emergency number to call, please use this for the medical tag engraving.

Ailments - Your critical ailments/allergies that would be required by medical staff should you be taken ill.